Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween in Photos

Hey everyone! I want to take a moment to say hello to all our new followers! We're so happy to have you all! Welcome to our corner of the internet! 

Now, onto the photos!

I gave him a drop of frozen yogurt. This face is priceless.

This is one of my co-workers. Want to know what is AWESOME? There is no metal on his body whatsoever, so he could work his normal job all day. Awesome!

Little man got a sucker for Halloween.

He got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Yeah, thats grass on his face. No, I don't care. He was having the time of his life!

That one time Brayden photobombed daddy and I.

My boys are so handsome!

Little dude was tuckered from Trick or treating at Omie Janiel's work and Grandma Terrie's work. He got lots of candy for a little dude and enjoyed being the center of attention!

I hope you all had a happy halloween!

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