Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Boho-Chic Braided Roll

Today I am going to show you lovely ladies how to achieve this style. I promise this is easy to do, and it looks really good! I wear it to work all the time, and I get lots of compliments from both my patients and colleagues. It is so easy to do as well!

You'll need a faux hair headband, a handful of bobby pins and a mirror to check the back of your hair.

After showering, blow dry and straighten hair (if necessary). Style bangs and add gel. Make sure hair is totally dry before you begin.
Put your headband on top of your hair, pull your bangs out and tuck any of the hair on the crown of your head that may poof. Pin in place. 
Take the hair that in under the headband, then pull it up and tuck it into the headband. Using the loops you created when you tucked it in, continue to roll and pin into place. 
Adjust any loose strands around your face as needs be and hairspray.

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