Monday, November 5, 2012

Winners Announced and Other Sundries!

Giveaway Winners Announced:

First things First, Congrats to Kelsey Eaton! You won the $20 Target Gift Card and ad spaces to both Michele's Pixie Dust and This Workman Life! 
Congrats to our ad space winners for This Workman Life, SarahJane Miller and Chelsea Olivia! E-mail me to claim your prizes ladies and congrats!
We WILL be doing another giveaway once we reach 100 GFC Followers - so keep your eyes peeled!

New Sponsors: 

Have you SEEN our new sponsors? Eep! I am so excited to announce that Shabby Apple is now working with our blog, and oh my, what gorgeous dresses they have! Go check them out, and let them know I sent you! 
You need to check out our other sponsors, like Interiors by Kenz and The Danielson's, who both have fantastic sites. Also, our other giveaway winners have their buttons up on the blog, go check them out as well, they're just lovely!

I'm a bad blogger: 

I haven't really planned any posts for this week, so we will be flying by the seat of our pants. Hopefully it'll turn out fun! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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