Monday, November 12, 2012

the Living Planet Aquarium

What is this face? This is the face of someone seeing a penguin for the first time.
Yeah, you read that right. On Saturday my grandparents, my mother and I took Brayden to the Living Planet Aquarium, it was his first time going, and oh my goodness did he have a BLAST!

The only really bad thing about the experience was when a little girl with a very severe and obvious case of pink eye came over to Brayden and started to touch him. As soon as the little girl stepped away I asked my mom for her hand sanitizer and quickly wiped my kid down. The lady actually got offended and had the audacity to call me a bitch. I was really upset, I mean, who is the bigger bitch, me for keeping my kid clean and infection free, or her for bringing her obviously ill kid into a very public place? Ugh, some people. 

Some advice to be had:
1. If you're a student of any kind, take your ID. My mom took a medical coding class and I have my ID from school, so we got in for cheaper than expected.
2. Don't go in a weekend or a holiday. It was a madhouse. 
3. Make sure you check the schedule for the lectures...and then make sure to stay away from the exhibit they're lecturing on, go see the other ones, they'll be empty!

What is your favorite part of your local aquarium? What is your favorite aquarium?


  1. How fun! We just love going to the aquarium around here. About that lady, though, geeze, I would have had a hard time holding in my temper after she called me a name! Some people!

  2. we love the living planet aquarium! so glad your guy enjoyed the penguins! :)

    i'm excited i found your blog and to be your newest follower! i adore finding fellow utah bloggers!